Wayment, Is Ja Rule Using His Collab With Kehlani For Clout?

Wayment, Is Ja Rule Using His Collab With Kehlani For Clout?

"I love you, but noooooooo..."

Published October 8, 2018

Arguably one of the best emcees out of Queens, Ja Rule is on the receiving end of social media slander today when he posted a daring statement for fans of him and Bay Area sweetheart Kehlani.

The former Murder Inc. icon told fans that once he hits one million followers on either Instagram or Twitter, then he'll release his highly anticipated collab with the R&B songbird. However, his announcement seemed a bit contradictory because he ended it with "can't hold dope records lol ... love ya." I mean he's essentially holding the record due to lack of followers... but f**k it, OK.

  1. Kehlani promptly replied to his tweet saying, "I love you, but noooooooo it's too old!"

    Lil Duval, noted comedian with a #1 hit, trolled Rule's comments. "N****, u only got 600K, how u gon get 400K soon? Rethink this." The "I'm Real" costar is no stranger to social trolling, so he fired back with "haha, follow me! Duval said simply, "send me the record; I'll redo it."

  2. (Photo via Instagram)
    (Photo via Instagram)
  3. Many thought the 'SweetSexySavage' soulstress was dissing the rapper, but she simply felt "the song from 3 years ago won't showcase [their] ability & growth."

    In a since-deleted Instagram post, Rule assured her that this isn't the case because "good music is timeless" and her voice "sounds amazing on the record." Presumably quoting a lyric from the song, he states "to be honest the timing couldn’t be better... 'I’m not the wifey type' is a cute way of saying I’m a strong independent WOMAN." He also alluded that the song might actually be a Kehlani hit "featuring Ja Rule," according to one of the hashtags used. So, the collab's release may not be his call.

  4. Fans swarmed both of his social accounts torn over his lack of consent and need to gain followers as a prerequisite to dropping the track.
    (Photo via Instagram)

    Sorry, Rule, but we're siding with the fans on this one. Clout chasing is for the weak.

Written by Mya Abraham

(Photos from left: Natt Lim/Getty Images for Coachella, Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)


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