Wait, Did Chris Brown Just Respond To Those Cardi B Dating Rumors With This Video?

Wait, Did Chris Brown Just Respond To Those Cardi B Dating Rumors With This Video?


Published December 12, 2018

The rumor mill is spinning out of control in the midst of the unpleasantly surprising Cephus family split between Bronx baddie Cardi B and her Migos rap star Offset

If it’s not side chick confessionals to the left, it’s publicity stunt rumors to the right. But the Invasion of Privacy femcee is rising above it all (with the exception of a few shots fired at her ex here and there), especially in the midst of gossip blogs and the unrelenting social media world working overtime to spit out new rumors every day since the announced breakup. The latest left-fielder connected to the split comes from the R&B circle with hearsay that R&B enormity Chris Brown is shooting threes in Bardi’s court, according to Celebrity Insider.

  1. The elaborative “report” held that Breezy is quite the fan of Bardi’s

    And jumped at the opportunity to charm her after news of the breakup. “He’s always found her sexy, and now that Offset’s out of the way, Chris is ready to make Cardi his girl,” an inside source allegedly shared with HollywoodLife. “Chris loves Cardi’s music, thinks she’s gorgeous, sexy and talented but would never disrespect Offset by trying to hit on his wife.”

  2. But judging by a recent post from Breezy’s Instagram Story…

    The rumors may be nothing more than just chit-chat. In a short humor clip posted to his official Instagram account, a young boy is seen demanding to be left out of rumors, which some believe is Breezy’s way of telling the gossipers the same thing.

  3. A highly-revered and recognized Hollywood face in the industry game for nearly two decades, Chris is certainly no stranger to the grapevine. Thus, it’s just as likely that he could be addressing another one of the several rumors swirling around his name with the post.

    In the meantime, we suggest everyone take those Breezy-Bardi baedom claims with even less than a grain of salt.

Written by BET Staff

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