Bobby Brown Has Choice Words For Jacquees And That 'King Of R&B' Title...

Bobby Brown Has Choice Words For Jacquees And That 'King Of R&B' Title...


Published December 18, 2018

Former New Edition member and "King of the Stage" crown-holder Bobby Brown has officially stepped into the ring on the “King of R&B” debate after an entire week’s worth of fan deliberation on the esteemed title.

According to him, R&B novice and initial crown-claimer Jacquees is not only unworthy of the throne, but unrecognizable, and unsuitable to be part of the conversation at all.

  1. TMZ caught up with Bobby to offer his take on the debate

    He admitted that he tried to stay out of it for a while. But if anyone is serious about wearing the crown, they’ll have to come take if off of his head first, Bobby said. “They want the title they gotta battle me.” As the self-dubbed "King of the Stage," he added that this “battle” would have to go down on his territory—live on stage.

  2. ‘Me versus anybody,’ Bobby said…

    “Doesn’t matter who it is.” He did, however, take his hat off to Chris Brown and Usher, whom he called “bad boys” and the only contenders worthy enough to wear the crown. He gave R. Kelly an honorable mention as well. But of the three, Usher would be the only R&B icon to take the crown without needing to put up a fight. “That’s like my son,” he said. “He’s that good. I think he should battle, like, Chris Brown.”

  3. As for young Jacquees…

    “He’s not even recognizable,” Bobby said. “I don’t even know his music.”


    Hear his full statement on the "King of R&B" debate below. 

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photos from left: gotpap/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images, Prince Williams/WireImage)


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