Master P Clarifies His Statements Regarding R. Kelly's Victims And Their Parents

Master P Clarifies His Statements Regarding R. Kelly's Victims And Their Parents

One of the victims' parents even responded with a scorching mouthful for him and Robert.

Published January 10, 2019

It's been a few days since Master P hopped onto Instagram to weigh in on Surviving R. Kelly, the jaw-dropping docu-series that aired on Lifetime from January 3 to January 5. The first installment detailed R. Kelly's upbringing, including being sexually assaulted by his sister as a child, along with his relationship with the late R&B princess Aaliyah and the early stages of his encounters with underage girls. The second installment detailed his child pornography trial, including the infamously disturbing sex tape and his marriage to Andrea Kelly. The final installment exposed his active sex cult, including parents of some victims relentlessly searching for their daughters, some of whom they haven't seen in years.

The hip-hop mogul felt the parents played a huge part in allowing things to reach such an extreme with Robert. While some welcomed his alternate point of view, many promptly blasted the New Orleans native. 

  1. As a father of 7, he felt the need to shed light on some things that might've been misconstrued

    The No Limit Records founder stated, "I said me as a parent, I would've kicked that door in. I'm not blaming them. Whatever justice that needs to be done to R. Kelly needs to get done. We love our beautiful black women that went through this and we want to see justice for them." 

    He felt if he and his child were in a situation like the ones Jocelyn Savage, Azriel Clary and Dominique Gardner are in, he would've reacted in a more fervent way.

  2. "Me as a parent, I woulda turned into the incredible Hulk and kicked the door down," he stated
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    During the sixth episode of the documentary, Azriel's parents arrived at the Chicago studio where she was supposedly being held and contacted Chicago police to perform a "wellness check." However, without someone, openly, giving them access inside, they claimed they couldn't legally perform the check. Her parents threw rocks at the window, in hopes of getting someone's attention, but they were ignored.

  3. Azriel's father, Angelo, spoke with a DC-based radio show, with his thoughts on Master P's statements

    Angelo stated that he knows what it's like to be away [in prison] and away from his child. "I really don't care about what a celebrity that's in a comfort zone say what he would do. Everybody could say what they could do." He continued to say that the real issue is that he's maxed out on rage and is barely holding it together.

    "I ain't never been no dumb dude [...] but, if I kill him, it wouldn't be about Azriel." With everyone arguing about the parents and why they would allow this to happen, Angelo simply has one response, especially for Master P.

    "I didn't see Master P acknowledge that R. Kelly is a predator. That hurts my heart. That should've been the first thing out of his mouth, not what he should do [...] Master P ain't gon' write my family no check while I'm sitting there, doing 30 years for killing R. Kelly. If you say something, speak on the predator, not the man tryna hold his family together."

Written by Mya Abraham

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