Daniel Caesar Is Being Torched Over His Rant On Black People ‘Being So Mean’ To White People

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Daniel Caesar Is Being Torched Over His Rant On Black People ‘Being So Mean’ To White People

“Are we winning right now as a culture? Are we on top of society? We’re not.”

Published March 20, 2019

It’s a sad day whenever Black Twitter must reluctantly tap the cancel button on an R&B-soul universal favorite such as Daniel Caesar, and Wednesday (March 20) morning was no different after his inflammatory, drunken Instagram Live rant.

The “Best Part” singer took to the live session with an impromptu message for Black people following the collective dragging of white controversial influencer Yes Julz. Along with a posse of his closest buddies, Caesar began the tirade asking, “Why are we being so mean to white people right now?” before maundering off into his sideswipes about the Black community. Such criticisms included his beliefs that Black people are too easily offended, must learn to take a joke, and perhaps the most incendiary, perpetually victimize themselves. Caesar’s rhetoric continued to spiral downward from there, and after the Twitterverse caught wind of the sentiments, they punted him and his music down the hill right along with them.

  1. ‘Why is it that we’re allowed to be rude and disrespectful to everybody else?’ Caesar asked…

    “And when anybody returns any type of energy to us—that’s not a quality.” Socially, he continued, he wouldn’t want to be treated like he can’t take a joke, and he believes all people should be allowed to “say what the f**k they want.” While he understands that “white people have been mean to us in the past,” he poses the question of what the Black community plans to do about it. His “biblical” solution? “There’s no answer other than creating an understanding and keeping it moving,” he argued. “You have to bridge the gap.”

    The Freudian crooner repeats a number of times throughout the session that he is drunk, but that won’t stop him from voicing his opinion about the state of Black America. Especially as it pertains to his own self-founded Golden Child label, which he claims has put money in both Black and white people’s pockets. While he feels that Black folks’ vexation from white people’s offenses should be each individual’s right, he doesn’t feel anyone should attempt to silence white people, either. “Are we winning right now as a culture?” he asked. “Are we on top of society? We’re not. And you can’t win the game by choosing to not accept the winning team’s strategy. You have to acknowledge the strategy and build a strategy on top of that.”

    Elsewhere, Caesar acknowledges his own blackness, recalling a time before the fame where he was nicknamed “soot” for his dark skin and “b**ches made fun of [him]—I mean, women.” He still has “no interest in being a victim” despite his experiences with race growing up though, since “being a victim doesn’t get you paid.” Caesar’s fully aware that he’ll receive backlash from the commentary, too, especially judging by his obstinate declaration that he won’t apologize as he had once before “like a b**ch” for controversial opinions. In fact, he even welcomed the imminent internet cancellation he appeared to see on the horizon. “I don’t believe in that sh**,” he continued. “I think you guys are wrong and I’m right.”

    The clip ends with Caesar imploring fans to “make [him] broke and suffer for [his] opinion,” announcing that he’ll be putting out music soon.

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  2. And judging by the internet’s response to his sentiments…

    They have no problem with his request: 

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)


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