Swae Lee Defends Lizzo After Backlash Over Controversial 'Rappers' Tweet

Swae Lee, Lizzo

Swae Lee Defends Lizzo After Backlash Over Controversial 'Rappers' Tweet

Lizzo came under fire over comments she made about Swae and Future.

Published August 16, 2019

Written by Danielle Ransom

Earlier this week, Lizzo got some blowback on social media after a set of comments pertaining to two of rap’s most prominent artists, trap icon Future and Rae Srummerd’s Swae Lee, were misconstrued by some fans. 


  1. As lists arguing the greatest rappers to ever head the game made the rounds online, there was a noticeable lack of ladies on them. It’s a notable glaring omission in light of Mos Def mogul Jermaine Dupri’s remarks about the current crop of women that are making waves in rap.

  2. In a series of now-deleted tweets, Lizzo questioned how come she is routinely excluded from the overarching hip-hop conversation, drawing a comparison between her sound with Future and Swae’s musical style.

    "Sometimes I get pissed that there are people who call future & sway lee rappers and still question whether or not I belong in the rap conversation...but then I remember I have the #4 song in the country, laugh, go back to my dream job and log off," she wrote but ultimately deleted after fans of the two rappers made derisive comments toward her for including her name alongside Swae and Future's. 

    Fans interpreted that she was saying Swae and Fewtch are not rappers even though the “Truth Hurts” singer explained that was not what she was saying at all. "I LOVE future & swae bruhhhhhh... the point went straight over y’alls heads...I’m just saying we all share a similar rap sing style…," she penned in a follow-up and her final message on the matter. 

    TooFab caught up with Swae Lee to discuss the matter and the 24-year-old had nothing but love for Liz.


  3. The “Sunflower” hitmaker came to Lizzo’s defense with a message of encouragement for her to continue doing her thing.

    "Shout out to her song. Everybody doing their thing. Everybody making their impact in the music industry, you know what I'm saying” Swae said. "There really isn't too much to be said. It's all good. No hard feelings."

    Swae agreed that he felt Lizzo deserved to be regarded as a rapper in her own right. 

    "I think she can spit. Yeah, for real," he said. "Just give credit where it's due."

    Watch the interview in full for yourself below. 


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