50 Cent Has A Hilarious Response To Fans Upset At The ‘Big Rich Town’ Remix With Trey Songz

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50 Cent Has A Hilarious Response To Fans Upset At The ‘Big Rich Town’ Remix With Trey Songz

The fans have spoken and 50 Cent is listening...or is he?

Published August 26th

Written by Danielle Ransom

The sixth and final season of Starz’s hit series Power made its return to the small screen on Sunday night (Aug. 25). The lauded drama came back in strong form, but one detail that has nothing to do with the storyline or actors has longtime fans of the show feeling a little betrayed. 

  1. Ahead of the show’s final run, G-Unit boss man 50 Cent unveiled an updated version of the show’s theme song, "Big Rich Town,” remixed by R&B crooner Trey Songz and Bronx native A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie. Despite Trey’s honeyed vocals, fans were not vibing with the new rendition at all. 


  2. Longtime fans of the show were up in arms when the opening credits rolled and they heard Trey’s vocals instead of R&B singer Joe’s. 50 Cent has been catching heat in all directions as criticism came in loud and swiftly. 

    Fifty initially brushed off criticism and refused to let critics rain on his parade.

    “Chill out alright, did you like the episode?” he penned in one post, a meager attempt to douse the flames. In a follow-up post, Fifty continue to sidestep fans' badgering and instead opted to celebrate his show’s well-received premiere. 


  3. When the heat became too much, 50 Cent faced the music and acknowledged that he heard what fans had to say loud and clear. In case fans were concerned their message had not been received, the rap icon popped on Instagram to show that he had heeded their call.

    “These m*thaf*ckas talking about Trey Songz. Man, you ain't bought a Joe CD in years and now you talking about Trey Songz,” Fifty first complained on Instagram. “Trey did that as a favor for me, man.” 

    50 Cent tried to take a hard stance but even he couldn’t resist caving in to fan’s desires.

    “Yall keep this s**t up...I’mma have to put [it] back the way it was,” 50 Cent says before he bursts into laughter and the clips cut out. 


  4. In usual 50 fashion, the rapper trolled fans with another post on the matter just a few hours later. In the post, “Joe’s Voice Matters #Power” is written in white block letters above a picture of the R&B veteran. 

    “Yo, [Trey Songz] looked at me like ‘What you want to do to the song?’ I’m like ‘let’s just update it, it’s 6 years old.’ He was like ‘ok if you say so 50,’” he joked. 

    Regardless, fans are not letting up on him anytime soon. Using Fifty’s own words against him, fans have issued an ultimatum to the G-Unit boss man: he has this week to fix things and put Joe back on the song.

    Whether 50 will bend to their demand waits to be seen. 

    Check out the most hilarious reactions to the “Big Rich Town” remix below, and let us know which version you think is better. 


(Photo: Desiree Navarro/WireImage)


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