B.o.B. Explodes In Sudden Instagram Rant Over Lack Of Support

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B.o.B. Explodes In Sudden Instagram Rant Over Lack Of Support

“And now that I’m f***in dead, you wanna talk about ‘Oh I love B.o.B., I love all his music… f*** you!”

Published October 2, 2019

Written by Danielle Ransom

B.o.B is highly upset right now and he let all his fans know why. A one-minute video surfaced on social media this Monday (Sept. 30) of the Atlanta-bred MC going on a bizarre expletive-laden rant directed at his fanbase. It’s not clear what prompted the rant.

  1. On Sunday (Sept. 29), the “Airplanes” rapper tweeted out a cryptic message to his 2 million followers that he’s reached his emotional limit. “James Blake was right...there is a limit to your love,” B.O.B penned in defeat.

  2. The 30-year-old aired those same sentiments, letting off some steam, to his 741,000 Instagram followers the next day. Deep in his feelings, the rapper criticized his fans for the dwindling lack of support he’s received over the years. 

    As of late, the rapper’s new music has fallen on deaf ears.

    The four-time Grammy-nominated artist was on the fast-track to stardom after successfully racking up a number of charting-topping hits between 2010 and 2014, including the Bruno Mars-assisted “Nothing On You,” “Strange Clouds,” and “Magic.” But over the years, B.o.B erroneously made some comments that turned fans off to his music despite him being regarded as one of music’s most promising talents.

  3. In the short clip obtained by The Jasmine Brand, B.O.B, in bed, angrily screams “you f***in n***as, I f***in hate you f***in n***as. You n***as ain’t support me worth a s*** while I was f***in living. And now that I’m f***in dead, you wanna talk about ‘Oh I love B.o.B. and I love his music… f*** you! You ain’t support s***. And you don’t give a f*** about me.”

    “You don’t care about none of the s*** I f***in said, or none of the s*** I f***in did and stood for, and put my f***in neck on the line, for you ungrateful coons!,” he continued. “Don’t act like I was your friend! I’m not your f***in friend!”


  4. The rapper’s latest post is a photo of him with both of his middle fingers cocked up in defiance. The caption, which was posted Tuesday (Oct. 1) reads “sincerely, yours truly.”

  5. Listen to his thoughts below.

(Photo: Michael Tran/FilmMagic)


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