Jim Jones Goes Off On Target Manager Over Racial Profiling

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Jim Jones Goes Off On Target Manager Over Racial Profiling

“This is going on in America while everybody is panicking. N**ga can’t even get right in Target.”

Published March 20th

Written by Danielle Ransom

Multiple states across the U.S. are going under emergency lockdowns in a preventative response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. Given that citizens are expected to stay indoors for an indeterminate time, many Americans have been rushing to stock up on household essentials for the worst case scenario. Understandably, there has been some panic over the rush as stores are ransacked and fights have broken out over household items like toilet paper. 

    On Wednesday (March 19), Harlem rap artist Jim Jones self-recorded a recent shopping experience that took an unpleasant turn via Instagram Live. Capo made a quick run to a local Target in New Jersey to grab some things, and as he was shopping, he revealed that he noticed a Black male employee following him around the store.

  2. “I am inside a Target in the Bergen Town Center. I was shopping for supplies like everybody else. A manager has been following me around since I walked in this m**herf**ker and asked what I’m doing, why I’m messing up the store. My job is to shop, your job is to fix the store,” he recollected. “It’s been over 15 minutes [since] I asked to speak to a manager inside of Target in Bergen Town Center. One of the biggest Targets inside of Jersey, I believe, and I can’t get a manager to come out and talk to me. This is preposterous.” 

    At some point, a female manager eventually came out to speak with Jim, who recounted his experience with the Black male employee trailing him across different areas of the store.

    “I feel like I’m being profiled by another Black man. That’s terrible. So I just want to know what is the protocol here for your staff to follow around people?” Jim posed to the female manager. “I feel like I’m back in the streets where they do illegal stop and frisk procedures. It doesn’t feel good that I can’t shop in Target in the midst of a pandemic with everybody going crazy around here. Now, we got extra policing inside Target because I dropped a rug on the floor.”

    The female manager assured Jim that she will look into the matter further and apologized for the inconvenience. 

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  3. Later in the video, Jim mused over the encounter as he was checking out.

    “I would never think I would get handled in Target. Not Target. This is going on in America while everybody is panicking. N**ga can’t even get right in Target,” he said on the Instagram Live session.

    See the encounter go down in the video below: 

(Photo: Shahar Azran/WireImage)


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