'Cash Me Outside' Girl Posted This Video With Her Skin Visibly Darkened, And The Internet Doesn’t Recognize Her

'Cash Me Outside' Girl Posted This Video With Her Skin Visibly Darkened, And The Internet Doesn’t Recognize Her

“What in the blackfish is Bhad Bhabie doing???”

Published April 6th

Written by BET Staff

Danielle Bregoli, originally known by her Dr. Phil appearance as the “Cash Me Outside” girl, is no stranger to the conversation of cultural appropriation.

  1. In December of 2019, she caught flack online after she posted a photo of herself with her hair done up in box braids. In response to the backlash, the then-16-year-old lashed out on Instagram where she derisively chided Black woman for wearing wigs and weaves. “To all the black females that are saying my hair [ain’t] meant for box Braids, guess the f*ck what, y'all hair [ain’t] meant to be straight but y'all glue whole wigs on to your heads and sew Brazilian/Indian/Peruvian hair which [isn’t anything] like your natural hair texture at all,” she wrote in her Instagram Stories.

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  2. Now, the 17-year-old is facing blackfishing accusations online in light of her new drastic change in appearance. On Monday (April 6), Bregoli popped up on Instagram and posted two videos from what appears to be inside her home. In the clips, she gazes into the camera as she shows off her long, Black tresses. Her skin is visibly tanned darker than its usual shade. 

    “If you told me this was [the] same shawty, I wouldn’t believe it,” one user captioned a photo of Bregoli from her infamous appearance on Dr. Phil.

    “omg... I didn't even know this was the bhad barbie chick.... she looks like a full on black girl now…,” a second user commented.

    “This can’t be bhad Barbie,” a third tweeted in disbelief. The drastic alteration has also prompted conversations about white womens’ obsession with Black skin, especially as it pertains to the aesthetics and nuances of Black womanhood. 

     See the Internet’s reaction to Bhad Bhabie’s new look below: 

(Photos from left: Bhad Bhabie/ Instagram, Rick Kern/WireImage)


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