Ice Cube, LL Cool J, Ice T On Buffalo Police Knocking Elderly Man To The Ground

Ice Cube, LL Cool J, Ice T On Buffalo Police Knocking Elderly Man To The Ground

In the viral video Buffalo officers are seen walking past the man lying on the ground as blood pooled from his head.

Published June 5th

Written by BET Staff

Police officers have been coming under fire across the nation for attacking peaceful protestors and reporters, and many were disturbed by a now viral video showing a Buffalo police officer violently shoving an 75-year-old man to the ground on Thursday (June 5). 

In the video, which circulated widely on Twitter, the elderly man can be seen approaching a large group of officers and saying something to them. The cops start yelling and shouting for him to “move back” before two officers visibly reach out and shove the man away, causing him to fall and hit his head against the ground. Even more disturbing, the cops show a complete lack of empathy as they walk past the man without rendering aid while he lays on the ground unmoving as blood pools around his head. 

A number of people and celebs took to social media to condemn the police officers for their deplorable actions and demand they be held accountable.

 “Look at all the officers who are scared to render this citizen aid,” Ice Cube called them out on Twitter. “Even if the unit is on the move, it’s enough officers for a few to render aid.” 

When CNN reported that the officers had since been suspended, Cube tweeted “they should have to pay his medical expenses.”

Ice T observed how the cops just walked past the man even though “he’s bleeding.” LL Cool J linked their actions back to Donald Trump’s dangerous rhetoric emboldening violence against protestors, writing “THIS IS WHAT HE THINKS LAW & ORDER LOOKS LIKE.”

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Fortunately, the man, who remains unidentified, is in stable but serious condition at the ECMC Hospital in Buffalo, New York, according to WBFO. Buffalo Police Commissioner Byron Lockwood has opened an internal investigation into the matter while the cops in question have been suspended without pay.

See the rest of the  reactions below:

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