Birdman Announces He’s Ready To Retire From Rap

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Birdman Announces He’s Ready To Retire From Rap

The Cash Money Records CEO has enlisted the help of his old pal, Lil Wayne for one iconic last project.

Published July 20th

Written by BET Staff

It looks like Cash Money Records honcho Bryan "Birdman" Williams is gearing up for his final swan song.

  1. Lil Wayne invited his longtime mentor and friend to the finale of the Young Money Radio show, where the two chopped it up on the podcast about their Cash Money days sharing thoughts on the new generation of rap and giving back to their communities during the coronavirus pandemic amongst other topics. 

    During the last few minutes of their conversation, Birdman dropped the revelation that he plans to exit the rap game sometime in the near future.

  2. Before he closes that chapter of his life, Baby says he plans to release one last project and has enlisted Weezy’s help. He expressed interest in the possibility of doing a sequel to their acclaimed 2006 collaborative effort, Like Father, Like Son

    Weezy was quick to voice his approval. “Man, come on. That was not a question,” he hit back before promising to send Birdman some music, “You know I can send you six joints. You ain’t got to do nothing but put yo’ verses to them. You know how I do, man.” 

    “I’m done rapping. Rapping ain’t for me no more. I'm done with that. I like to make rappers. That’s what I do,” Birdman continued around the 15:49-minute mark.  “I want [Like Father, Like Son 2] to be my farewell thing. I want to go out how I came in. Talking real rap.” 

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  3. Earlier in the interview, Birdman mentioned that one of his life goals is to buy every single project in New Orleans. In April, the Cash Money mogul stepped in to help pay rent for families living in the community where he grew up who were financially impacted by the coronavirus pandemic and he wants to do even more.

    “I want to pay everybody rent in all the projects and then I want to buy the projects,” he declared to Wayne. “That’s one of my goals in life. I’mma purchase all the projects in New Orleans and let everybody live there for free.” 

    Check out the rest of their 16-minute interview below:

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