Teedra Moses Shares ‘Cashmere Compliments’

MIAMI, FL - OCTOBER 24:  Teedra Moses arrives during the District Advocate Day & Rally on October 24, 2018 in Miami, Florida.  (Photo by John Parra/WireImage for the Recording Academy)

Teedra Moses Shares ‘Cashmere Compliments’

She is enjoying the single life.

Published November 20th

Written by Trey Alston

Teedra Moses has released a new feel-good song for everyone that’s not in a relationship called “Cashmere Compliments.”

In its accompanying video, the Grammy-nominated songwriter lives her best life with her friends. She’s all smiles and surrounded by happy people who party into the nighttime with drinks and great vibes.


In a statement, Moses explains what the song title means. “Cashmere compliments are the good feels,” she says. “I wrote this song as a celebration of the good single life I have. So often, being a grown, single woman is looked upon sadly, but in my case, nothing could be farther from the truth.”

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“My life is so stimulating and free that I if or when I allow someone to come in as a romantic partner he has to bring good vibes to add to my already good life, or "get the f*ck on,” she continues. “Leave me alone. I'd rather be single and happy than to be in some bullshit just to say I'm not single.”

Speaking to Ebro Darden of Apple Music, Moses revealed that she’d had her new single for quite  some time. “‘Cashmere Compliments’ is a record that I wrote years ago,” she said. “Long time ago. I got the track probably about six years ago."

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“I have developed the track,” she continued. “If I was to let y’all hear what it was in the beginning to what it is now, I turned it into something totally different. I took the time to really just cook it slow, and I really love what came out.”

“Cashmere Compliments” is the lead single from Moses’ forthcoming album, The Bull$hit, that’s set to drop sometime next spring. It’ll be her first release since 2015’s Clair Voyant and Cognac & Conversation

Check out Moses’ new video for “Cashmere Compliments” up above.

Photo: John Parra/WireImage for the Recording Academy


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