WATCH: Sly And The Family Stone’s Groovy 'Everyday People' Reimagined Into New Animated Video

MARCH 26: Psychedelic soul group "Sly & The Family Stone" pose for a portrait on March 26, 1969. (Clockwise from bottom L) Rosie Stone, Cynthia Robinson, Larry Graham, Freddie Stone, Sly Stone, Gregg Errico, Jerry Martini (center). (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

WATCH: Sly And The Family Stone’s Groovy 'Everyday People' Reimagined Into New Animated Video

The band's classic #1 hit delivers a global message about living in community with diverse people just in time for Black History Month.

Published February 19th

Written by Alexis Reese

We all need a little slice of peace and harmony these days and Sly & the Family Stone’s universal celebration of diversity is sending that message home in a new animated video. For this week’s This Is Certified, Sony Music's Hip Hop and R&B catalog division, "My Black Is," series, we are focusing on the history of funk, rock, and rhythm & blues through a band that was pivotal in the creation of this fusion of sound. 

Sly & The Family Stone had a global message of progressive optimism, overall happiness, and a sense that the world could come together and live as one. Much of those sentiments can be felt within their 1968 Billboard chart-topping hit, “Everyday People.” The timeless psychedelic track is now paired with an iridescent two and a half minute animated video that still resonates the same upbeat messaging while allowing folks to get their groove on.

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Written and produced by Sly Stone, the pop/soul classic is the first single by an major American pop-rock group band to soar to #1 on the Soul Chart and the Billboard Hot 100 in 1969. 

Racially integrated with a lineup of male and female musicians, the pioneering crew was ahead of their time from 1966 to 1983 as they opened doors for a radio-friendly sound that always had a sprinkle of stardust magic.  

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“Now more than ever, the message of this song resonates across the globe,” a message reads at the start of the video. 

Get your history lesson on and watch the reimagined modernized “Everyday People” animated video below:

Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images


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