SHORT CUTS: Chappelle Breaks His Own Record

SHORT CUTS: Chappelle Breaks His Own Record

Published December 5, 2007

Posted Dec. 5, 2007 -- Is Dave Chappelle shooting for a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records? The 34-year-comedian has broken his own Laugh Factory endurance stat. Previously six hours and seven minutes set in mid-April, Chappelle took the stage Sunday and made audiences chuckle for six hours and 12 minutes.

"Dave was determined to keep his record because he recently heard that Dane Cook was planning on trying to break (his) record," club owner Jamie Masada said Monday.

Masada said Cook held a record of three hours and 50 minutes in early April. The mark had stood at two hours and 41 minutes, set by Richard Pryor in 1980.

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Chappelle told audience members he's been traveling, most recently to Ecuador, Masada said. He joked that he'd been studying Spanish over there so he could return to the U.S. and speak the language properly. Asked by one audience member to cite his most embarrassing moment, Chappelle responded, "Other than being called a crackhead by Newsweek?"

Latifah Encourages Female Power

Lifetime has recruited Queen Latifah to help with its new Every Woman Counts campaign by asking ladies across America to complete the following sentence: "If I Were President, I would ...."

Lifetime is recording Latifah's interviews during stops on her Trav'lin' Light concert tour. The vignettes will begin airing on the network in January and will run through Election Day on Nov. 4. Designed to draw attention to issues of significance to women that are often lost in the frenzy of campaign coverage, the spots will also air as broadband vignettes on

"Women have a lot to say about the issues they want addressed in the presidential campaign. I am excited to join forces with Lifetime Networks to use my tour to get their voices heard," said Latifah. "It doesn't matter what party the women I talk to are affiliated with; we just want to make sure that women, 52 percent of the population, get the opportunity to get their point across because they are shaping our country's future."

Actress Hopes Oprah Goes Naked (and Vegan)

Earlier this year, actress Alicia Silverstone, a staunch vegan, took off her clothes for the animal rights group's "go naked rather than wear fur" campaign. She hopes a huge star will join PETA's effort to bring even more attention to the cause.  “I would love to see Oprah naked — that’s a goal for me,” Silverstone told Fox News. “It would be great if she became a vegetarian; she is a very powerful woman and would really get the message across.”

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