Jermaine Jackson Cries Broke In Child-Support Case

Jermaine Jackson Cries Broke In Child-Support Case

The star says he can't pay owed child support.

Published April 4, 2011

Jermaine Jackson is claiming that he's broke and can't meet the requirements for a payback plan for the child support he owes his ex-wife. "I'm not rich like Michael was. I made no money in 2008."

Jackson owes $80,000 in back support and the court is forcing him to pay up, according to Music News. Jackson must submit a $5,000 cashiers check by today, another $15,000 by Friday, $20,000 by April 13 and the final $40,000 by May 13.

The likelihood that Jackson can come up with the money is slim, so the only other alternative would be for the court to throw him in the slammer. He has already had his driver's license pulled until the first check is submitted.

His ex-wife, Alejandra, has been living at the Jackson family compound for the last 18 years and is currently in a legal battle with the family who wants her to move out.


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Written by Starr Rhett


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