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LisaRaye Talks Ex-Husband and Fornication

LisaRaye Talks Ex-Husband and Fornication

LisaRaye says it was her husband's infidelity that ended their marriage.

PUBLISHED ON : MAY 17, 2011 / 05:44 AM

In an interview with, LisaRaye pulled no punches about what led to her divorce from ex-husband and former chief minister of the Turks and Caicos Islands, Michael Misick.


The star of the new VH1 comedy series Single Ladies acknowledged yet again that the fairytale-like union between the actress and politician was more about business than pleasure. During her video interview, LisaRaye acknowledged that she wasn’t in love with Misick and that her ex said the two would date during their marriage with the hopes of love blossoming after they wed. She described their union as a business relationship, one that would allow her to expand her brand to Turks and Caicos.


When asked if rushing to the altar so soon ultimately doomed their marriage, LisaRaye quickly rebuffed the suggestion. She quipped, “No he was a ho.” The Players Club star is referring to the number of alleged affairs Misick had with various women.


Now that she’s very much like the single woman she portrays on her new show, LisaRaye was asked if she was hanging on to old rules—namely the 90-day rule about sex. LisaRaye professed a change of heart, noting, “If I really feel like I wanna get down right then, I am really grown. I can do that.” She did, however, note a conflict between the “spiritual journey” she’s now on, adding that she worries about her faith’s rules on fornication and masturbation. Check out the video above.


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Written by Michael Arceneaux


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