4 Confidence Boosters From Beyoncé

4 Confidence Boosters From Beyoncé

We could all learn a lot from the singer.

Published June 28, 2011

Beyoncé's highly anticipated fourth album, 4, hits stores today. That's why we’ve decided to highlight some of the encouraging messages the superstar has pumped into the ears and eyes of her dedicated fans.


Girls Rule: Or they run the world, rather. Beyoncé has set a trend of creating energetic singles that quickly become fierce anthems of female empowerment. In a world where discouraging (and false) statistics seek to overshadow the beauty and courage of a Black woman, it’s nice to simply push play and have someone “raise a glass to the college grads” and demand just a little respect for our amazing hustle. Ladies, don’t you agree?


Let That Loser Go: Following in the footsteps of “Irreplaceable,” Bey’s “Best Thing I Never Had” once again teaches us to leave that infamous ex (yeah, you know the one I’m speaking of) in the past where he belongs. If nothing else, Bey’s catalog definitely doesn’t support unhealthy relationships.  


Take Time Off: In the latest issue of Essence, Bey detailed her year-long hiatus just before returning to the spotlight with 4. We aren’t all fortunate enough to take a full year off, but we must definitely remember that every day superheroes–moms, sisters and BFFs–deserve to take time to smell the roses, revel in their successes, or simply catch an afternoon movie. Running the world is tiring.


Dreams Do Come True: After 15 years in the game, a humbled Bey accepted the Billboard Millennium award after killing what some have called the “greatest performance of her career.” She often tells her fans that we’re witnessing her dream, and though we’re not all cut out to strut across a stage in five inch heels, Bey’s determination and hard work is a formula for success in any occupation.



 (Photo: Mark Davis/Fox/PictureGroup)

Written by Kimberly Walker


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