Britain’s Government Pledges Iron-Fisted Response to Rioters

Britain’s Government Pledges Iron-Fisted Response to Rioters

In an emergency session of Parliament, Prime Minister David Cameron declared the "fight back" had begun.

Published August 13, 2011

The British government has taken a stringent response against the violence and widespread looting that has encapsulated London and other English cities, The Associated Press reports.


In an emergency session of Parliament on Thursday, Prime Minister David Cameron declared that the “fight back” had begun.


The government is considering whether to make it easier for local authorities to evict people who are convicted of crimes and are living in homes subsidized by taxpayers. This would extend the current law that allows authorities to kick out residents who commit offenses in their own neighborhood only, the report adds.


If that legislation is approved, it won’t matter where a person has committed their crime.


Cameron also plans to enact a program that allows authorities to restrict the movements of convicted gang members and prohibit them from wearing gang-related insignia anywhere in the country. Once that law is changed, police will have to right to demand that people remove hoods, masks and caps if they suspect criminal activity. This could go as far to include Islamic niqab or burqa coverings.


Cameron said the government, spy agencies and the communications industry should also discuss the option of shutting down the use of cell phones services, text messaging or social networks during civil unrest, the AP writes.


Cameron warned that authorities are prepared to use water cannons, dye sprays and even the country's military deployed on Britain's streets to deter looters.


So far, more than 700 people have been charged with violence, disorder and looting in connection to the riots that began in London last Saturday and spread throughout England over four nights, the report adds.


The riots have been tied to heightened racial tensions throughout the nation.

Written by Britt Middleton


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