Amber Rose Talks About Wiz Khalifa

Amber Rose Talks About Wiz Khalifa

Kanye's ex is on to the next, saying anyone who "meets Wiz for like five minutes just falls in love with him."

Published March 29, 2011

If being a "rapper's girlfriend" is a career, then call Amber Rose a true professional. The short-haired blonde that rose to fame as Kanye West's arm candy is now working hard at looking good alongside Wiz Khalifa, hip hop's hottest While Wiz was at 106 & Park promoting the release of his debut album Rolling Papers, caught up with the lovely Amber Rose, who was not far from his side.

"He's been working really, really hard for a lot of years. People don't know that," says the hourglass-shaped hottie. "He really put his time in, and now is his time to shine and really show people how talented he is."

With Wiz still riding high off the success of the platinum single "Black and Yellow" and the subsequent industry buzz, Amber Rose is making herself useful. "His album comes out on March 29," Amber reminds "I'm so excited, I just heard it. It's really, really awesome, and I constantly have the album on repeat all day." 

Her favorite track? "I love 'The Race.' Of course it's awesome; it's like his single that's out now." And although boys and girls may not be as familiar with Wiz as she is, Rose says that the album will help hip hop fans "get to know him ... The whole album just lets people in."

Last night, the happy new couple was photographed at an exclusive bowling party in midtown Manhattan after Wiz's 106 appearance. As for their relationship, only time will tell. But Rose seems convinced. "I have known Wiz for about three months now, and he's amazing, supertalented, so positive, and his energy is just great," she says. "Anyone that meets Wiz for like five minutes just falls in love with him. He's so dope."

And so was Kanye.


(Photo:  Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

Written by Kim Osorio, with additional reporting by Jose Torres


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