Talib Kweli Takes a Stand Against Colt 45

Talib Kweli Takes a Stand Against Colt 45

Talib Kweli ends sponsorship from malt liquor company that targets youth.

Published April 16, 2011

Talib Kewli wants liquor companies that target underage audiences by marketing fruity flavors with high alcohol content to know that he wants nothing to do with them. On Tuesday, Kweli was notified by fans that promoters for his upcoming concert in Lawrence, Kansas, had struck a deal with Colt 45 to sponsor the show. Kweli sprung into action via Twitter.

"To my fans in Lawrence Kansas, the Granada Theater has partnered with Colt 45 without my knowledge to promote the show. We shut that down," he Tweeted. "So on 4-20 I will be at the Granada in Lawrence Kansas but Colt 45 is no longer involved in the show promo. Thank yall (fans) for alerting me."

Kweli is currently on tour to promote his new album, Gutter Rainbows.

Written by Lauretta Charlton


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