Bow Wow Disses Ciara On Stage At Supafest

Bow Wow Disses Ciara On Stage At Supafest

Can the former couple really still have beef after the breakup?

Published April 19, 2011

Young Money's most recent artist Bow Wow has been busy touring, recording his first album for Lil Wayne's label and shooting with Tyler Perry, but he's not too busy to fire back at Ciara after his ex left him hanging at Supafest.

In March, Bow tweeted, "I think me and @Ciara should perform "Like You" together at Supafest in Australia this year. It would be legendary."

Ciara's response was, "Performing Like You on Supafest could be amazing!... That was a really BIG record for us...Havent performed that song in a while!"

But when it came down to performing the song with Bow during the massive Australian tour, Ciara was nowhere to be found. Miffed, Bow shared a few choice words about his foxy ex-girlfriend with his fans during his performance.

Sigh...hopefully, the couple will let the past go and share the stage again in the future.

Written by Lauretta Charlton


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