Nicki Minaj Joins Britney Spears, Ke$ha on 'Til The World Ends' Remix

Nicki Minaj Joins Britney Spears, Ke$ha on 'Til The World Ends' Remix

Barbie joins Britney Spears and Ke$ha on 'Til The World Ends,' fires back at Lil' Kim on chart-topping hit.

Published April 23, 2011

Nicki Minaj has teamed up with Britney Spears and Ke$ha for a remix of Brit's "Til The World Ends." The track leaked onto the web on April 22.

The original song, written by Ke$ha, currently sits at no. 9 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Minaj recently announced that she and Britney would begin a national tour together, so a duet seems to be the next natural step.

"She's definitely iconic and I'm very excited," Minaj explained to MTV News last week. "It's weird. I just always remember her, since I was little, ruling the world, so I'm really excited to just expand my fanbase and show people that I can be a part of any world."

So how does the "Til The World Ends" remix sound? Like Minaj's aggressive "Roman's Revenge," Barbie's verse takes another shot at Lil' Kim.

"Chimpanzees is hatin', but I take it all in stride/ Put her in a jungle with bananas on the side," spits Minaj. "Told you they’d revive your career, but somebody lied/ I ain’t talkin’ poultry when I say this chicken’s fried."

There was no response from Lil' Kim at press time.

Written by Hillary Crosley


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