Rihanna Drops 'California King Bed' Video

Rihanna Drops 'California King Bed' Video

The singer wants what she can't have.

Published May 9, 2011

Men around the world may want to cuddle Rihanna, but she can't have the one boy she wants in her new video for "California King Bed." 

In the clip, the pop singer lays besides a chiseled gentleman on a wide mattress surrounded by flowing peach curtains. As the guitar-driven song swells, the pop star is moved further and further away from her love to her dismay as the bed seems to stretch wider.

Sporting a red layered coif, the Bajan beauty wears a two piece white pajama set during the video, which switches between shots of a bedroom, open room as well as a field. 

"California King Bed" is Rihanna's newest video from her album Loud, released November 16, 2010. 

Written by Hillary Crosley


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