Willow Smith's Debut Album Almost Done

Willow Smith's Debut Album Almost Done

"Whip My Hair" producer Jukebox speaks on the 10-year-old singer's upcoming album.

Published September 24, 2011

Get ready for more rampant hair-whipping—Willow Smith is finishing up her debut album.

In an interview with MTV, Jukebox, the producer behind the 10-year-old singer's smash single "Whip My Hair," said her Roc Nation debut is almost wrapped up. "I did like eight, nine songs on Willow, so right now, we're in the process of just trying to close out the album," he said. "It's just the whole process. You got to think about it: She's a 10-year old girl. She's gotta have a life, she's gotta be a kid."

The producer also talked about the diverse sounds on the album. "Willow is kind of a combination of what 'Whip My Hair' was. Willow just isn't a pop star, she isn't just an urban artist; she's very international," he said. "A lot of her music has a very big influence of everything from rock to pop to hip-hop... She's just a combination of everything pretty much."


He specifically highlighted "Rock Star," another song he crafted for Willow. "Next single which I'm praying for is a record I did called 'Rock Star'... She's been performing it everywhere. It's getting very great reaction," he said. "We also did a record with Diggy Simmons that's incredible."

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