White Cop Found Guilty of Raping 13 Black Women

White Cop Found Guilty of Raping 13 Black Women

Daniel Holtzclaw targeted addicts and sex workers.

Published December 11, 2015

Daniel Holtzclaw, a former Oklahoma City police officer, has been found guilty of raping 13 poor Black women. Prosecutors said Holtzclaw targeted women of color, particularly drug addicts, alcoholics, and sex workers, because he thought no one would believe them if they reported him. 

In his closing arguments, BuzzFeed News reports, Holtzclaw’s defense lawyer Scott Adams said that Holtzclaw was an “honorable and ethical police officer.”

“He was aggressive, he was vigilant, and he was honest,” Adams said. “Without people like Daniel Holtzclaw patrolling the streets, what are we?” Reportedly, a woman in the gallery responded: “Safe.”

The cop was found guilty on 18 of 36 counts and the jury — comprised entirely of white people — has recommended a 263 year prison sentence. Holtzclaw will be sentenced in January, and then spend the rest of his life in jail.

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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