11-Year-Old Boy Dies After Playing Dangerous Viral Game

11-Year-Old Boy Dies After Playing Dangerous Viral Game

Da'Vorius Gray took the "pass-out challenge" and went too far.

Published March 22, 2016

Da'Vorius Gray, 11, was found dead in his home last week, apparently from playing the dangerous "pass-out" challenge that recently went viral. In the challenge, a person chokes themselves to the point of passing out.

Gray's death is not being considered a suicide since he showed no signs of depression or destructive behavior, but according to his mother, Latrice Hurst, he was a "prankster and loved to play tricks." Sadly, Gray played a dangerous game that took a tragic turn, and now his mother is encouraging other parents to check their children's social media pages before another life is lost.

(Photo: Gilmore's Mortuary)

Through a statement released by Hurst's pastor, she said that children should only take part in social media trends "with extreme adult supervision." She added, "If I could rewind time I would go back and monitor heavily his use of social media, YouTube, and the Internet."

Hurst also warned that this kind of tragedy could happen to anyone. "He was on a site called 'kick' and had been playing a game called 'hangman' and pass-out challenge, where kids choke themselves to the point of passing out, and it is apparently a widely popular game," she explained.

Da'Vorius was a sixth grader at Beech Springs Intermediate School, his family's pastor, Mark Pangel, told local news, WYFF 4 that he was "'one of the sweetest kids I've ever met."

The coroner's office and local police are still investigating Gray's death. A memorial service will be held over the weekend.

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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