[Watch] 15-Year-Old Girl Maced and Sexually Assaulted at Trump Rally

(Photo: Daniel Hatter via YouTube)

[Watch] 15-Year-Old Girl Maced and Sexually Assaulted at Trump Rally

Violence continues to follow the Trump campaign.

Published March 31, 2016

A 15-year-old girl was reportedly groped and pepper sprayed at a Donald Trump rally Tuesday. The young woman, who wants to be referred to as simply Alex, attended a Wisconsin Donald Trump rally with the intention of protesting.

Video would later surface showing the young woman punching an older man then being doused with pepper spray.

There has been an onslaught of protests at Trump rallies throughout the nation as of late. Arguments between Trump supporters and Trump protesters have become increasingly violent, as was the case in Chicago earlier this month.

This situation seemed to be more of the same: an angry young protester arguing with an angry older Trump supporter. But it is being reported that the 15-year-old was sexually assaulted by the man she punched.

According to the young woman, she and a friend we're standing in the midst of the crowd when the older man seen in the video started to touch her breast. After repeatedly asking the man to stop, Alex would angrily shout at the man, “You f**king touched my chest,” which can be seen below.

The man in question denies the 15-year-old's accusations.

The high schooler was pepper sprayed in the face by a man wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat. The young woman and her friend, who was also hit with the pepper spray, were quickly escorted out by bystanders.

The two women were taken by police to a local hospital, where they received medical treatment.

In a statement, the Janesville Police Department said they are currently looking for two suspects, the man who pepper sprayed the young girls and the man who allegedly sexually assaulted the young girl.

The young woman would later make it clear that she did not punch the man because he was a Trump supporter — rather because he had touched her inappropriately.

(Photo: Daniel Hatter via YouTube)

Written by Reggie Wade


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