Watch: Here Are the Charges This White Mom Faces for Slapping a Black Teen

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Watch: Here Are the Charges This White Mom Faces for Slapping a Black Teen

An incident that has ignited much national outrage.


Officials at Northumberland High School in Virginia are investigating a fight between two students that resulted in one of the students getting physically assaulted by the mother of his peer.

A video clip recorded the fight between John Thomas, who is a Black student at Northumberland, and his white teammate. In the clip, we see John and the unidentified student get into a verbal disagreement until the teammate throws John to the ground and begins to punch him.  

At a certain point, the teammate’s mother, Heather Lynn Sebra, rushes into the fight. It appears at first that she will presumably break up the fight, until she slaps John across the face and yells, “You’re not gonna call my son a n****r, you understand me?”

The entire time she assaults John, he sits, does not fight back and looks confused by her racially charged accusation.

He then told the mother that he did not and would not ever call her son that word.

After the fight, the video was posted online and John’s mother, Nicole Thomas, could not believe what she witnessed.

“How dare you?” Nicole Thomas said. “For this woman to restrain my son by holding him by the shirt and then sticking her finger in his face after slapping him.”

Nicole continued to speak as to how she feels this terrible incident should be handled.

"To abuse, berate, belittle, intimidate and physically attack someone is disgusting. I think it needs to be addressed and think people need to be punished for it and held accountable."

And Sebra was held accountable. She was charged with assault Wednesday and a protective order was served against her, said the Northumberland Sheriff`s Office. Sebra’s son was also charged for his involvement; however, officials have not specified the charges.

The school has taken disciplinary action against both students in the fight as well as the student behind the camera.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: fergregory/Getty Images)


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