NAACP Threatens Lawsuit If County In Virginia Gives Statue To Pro-Confederacy Groups

The groups are also asking for the “immediate surrounding land.”

Missy Elliott Gets Virginia Street Named After Her

“This hits my heart differently,” she said.

Descendants Of James Madison’s Slaves Fight For Equal Power Of Foundation Overseeing His Former Plantation

The descendants accuse the mostly-white foundation board of a ‘power grab.’

Virginia Lt. Governor Winsome Sears Continues To Comment About Critical Race Theory Even Though It’s Not Being Taught In Her State

She believes it’s part of a bigger issue in the country of segregating ourselves in divisive ways.

Black Man In Sentenced To More Than 1,800 Years Receives Conditional Pardon From Virginia Gov.

Civil rights activists say Lawrence Stevens was handed down a racially biased sentence by his trial’s judge.

Watch: Virginia Removes 12-Ton Robert E. Lee Confederate Monument

The statue was erected in 1890.

Seven Black Men Executed for Rape in 1951 Pardoned in Virginia

None had a lawyer present at interrogation

Va. Black Man Wounded 10 Times By Deputy Who Mistook His Phone For Gun

Isaiah Brown is in intensive care after the shooting.

Justin Fairfax Accuses Former Virginia Governor Of Treating Him Like George Floyd And Emmett Till

He slams McAuliffe for his reaction to accusations.