Man Arrested For Chaining Up His Twin Daughters For 10 Years, Repeatedly Raping Them, And Fathering Two Children By One

Man Arrested For Chaining Up His Twin Daughters For 10 Years, Repeatedly Raping Them, And Fathering Two Children By One

Jerry Lee Curry was arrested when one of the girls escaped.

Published February 23, 2018

A Minnesota man has been arrested on nine felony charges after raping, beating, and holding his twin daughters captive for 10 years. One of the sisters was impregnated twice before he was detained, according to the charges filed against him.

Jerry Lee Curry, 51, was arrested Wednesday was charged with stalking, assault, criminal sexual conduct, criminal abuse, child endangerment, and other felonies. Curry was captured after one of the twins escaped in May, according to the Star Tribune.

The twins, whose names have been kept anonymous, are both intellectually disabled and are considered to be in their 20’s now. Their injuries, which they’ve received over the last decade, are “clinically diagnostic of torture,” according to experts at the Masonic Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis.

One of the sisters, identified as Victim A in court documents, was beaten so badly that he left ear was “largely detached” from her face. The chains that held her captive were so tight she almost lost both her legs to gangrene. She was also blinded in one eye after Curry stomped on her head.

Victim A told officials the abuse started when her parents found out she and her sister were “sexually active.” The girls were then chained to keep them from having any interaction with men. Curry also felt the girls were eating “too much,” so he began limiting their meals.

Victim B also said she was routinely raped by Curry and impregnated twice, according to court documents.

“I don’t ever remember having enough food. He forced me to have sex [and] has done this to me every day since I was [in my] early teens or so,” Victim B said. “He did this to my twin sister also.

In the home with the twins was their 10-year-old sister, who told authorities Curry once struck her in the head with a golf club and made her hit her twin sisters with a stick.

The 10-year-old was not chained up because she was “too young,” according to one of the twins. 

Victim B said both of her parents used the twins’ disability payments to buy drugs and alcohol. 

In May 2017, Victim A escaped to a Salvation Army shelter, and all three children were removed from the home.

“It feel[s] so good today to not be chained to the bed,” she said after her escape.

Curry, who wasn’t taken into custody until Wednesday, is being held on $750,000 bail.

His partner, Shelia Machelle Wilson, was also charged with neglect, according to KTSP.

It’s unclear if she is the mother of the twins, although public records show her listed under the same Minneapolis address as Curry.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Hennepin County Sheriff's Office)


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