LA Fitness Manager Calls Police On Two Black Men For Working Out With Active Memberships

LA Fitness gym and spa. Long Beach, California

LA Fitness Manager Calls Police On Two Black Men For Working Out With Active Memberships

After the police sided with the men, the manager canceled their accounts and forced them to leave.

Published April 18, 2018

Two Black men had the police called on them by a manager of an LA Fitness in Secaucus, New Jersey, on Monday. Just like the two men who were arrested by Philadelphia police while sitting in a Starbucks, these men committed no crime; in fact, they were lawfully working out with active memberships.

Tshyrad Oates shared several videos to Facebook as well as a detailed description of what went down. 

According to Oates, he was working out on a four-day guest pass and his friend had been a member of the gym for the last eight years. However, a manager at the LA Fitness accused both men of working out without paying and insisted they leave.

  1. When Oates was approached by a manager, he explained he had a guest pass and his friend had already checked in by scanning his membership card
  2. Even after they re-scanned the membership card of Oates' friend to show an active status, the police were still called
  3. Police even supported the men when the manager tried to get Oates to stop filming the incident

    “I get it! You guys don’t like cell phones, but it’s not criminal activity," the police officer told the manager. 

  4. Oates' viral post outraged many people
  5. Despite how many people saw Oates' post, he still has not been contacted by the corporate offices of LA Fitness

    Although the two were not arrested, they were still banned from the gym.

    "This La Fitness manager who refused to give us his reason to kicking us out, and refused to give us his name stated that I was banned from the gym and my friend’s gym membership has been terminated effective immediately. This is ridiculous and the last video sealed the deal," Oates wrote. 

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Maureen Sullivan / Getty Images)


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