Video Shows White Syracuse Fraternity Pledges Swearing To Hate 'N*****r, S***s' And F*****g K***s'

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Video Shows White Syracuse Fraternity Pledges Swearing To Hate 'N*****r, S***s' And F*****g K***s'

One student says this isn't the first time it's happened, and the school does nothing to stop it.

Published April 19, 2018

An engineering fraternity was suspended on Wednesday by Syracuse University after a video surfaced showing pledges and members using racist language.

In a video obtained Syracuse’s independent school paper, The Daily Orange, white pledges are led to recite an oath to hate all minorities.

“I solemnly swear to always have hatred in my heart for n****s, s***s and most importantly the f*****g k***s,” a pledge can be heard repeating while he is knelt before a member.

As the pledge recited the racist language, laughter can be heard throughout the room.

The six-minute video also shows members of the fraternity pretending to masturbate and perform oral sex on each other. 

  1. Although the school refused to release the video, it was eventually posted to YouTube

    Warning: The language used in this video is extremely graphic

    The video was first seen after it was posted to a secret Facebook called “Tau of Theta Tau.” After administrators were sent the video, the university’s chancellor sent an email to students and faculty announcing the fraternity’s suspension.

    “There is absolutely no place at Syracuse University for behavior or language that degrades any individual or group’s race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender identity, disability or religious beliefs,” the university’s chancellor, Kent Syverud, wrote in an email to students and faculty on Wednesday morning. “Upon confirming Theta Tau’s involvement, the university’s Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities immediately suspended the fraternity, effectively halting all activities.”

    Michael Abraham, executive director of the national Theta Tau organization, said the organization was “investigating the allegations and will decide on the best course of action when it is more complete.”

    “The behaviors described are not representative of our very diverse organization, locally or nationally, nor rational or comprehensible for the multiethnic Syracuse chapter itself,” Abraham told the New York Times. “While the language that has been described is troubling and inconsistent with our values, we tend to distinguish between words and deeds as well as between individuals and groups when determining appropriate remedies and penalties.”

  2. The suspension of the fraternity was not deemed an appropriate consequence by many who found the video unforgivable
  3. According to other students on Syracuse's campus, this is not the first instance wherein racism was punished with a slap on the wrist

    “This is not the first incident like this on campus,” Syracuse sophomore Liam McMonagle told the New York Times. “It’s the same response every time. It’s, ‘Here’s counseling, we’re here if you need us, there’s resource centers, and we promise we’ll punish them.’ But there’s no mechanisms for change.”

    On Wednesday, students participated in a university-organized forum and demanded the administration take action against the entire culture of racism on campus. Student protesters gathered outside the chancellor’s house and marched to the campus chapel while chanting, “Release the video” and “We’re tired of being sick and tired.”

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Tony Shi Photography/Getty Images)


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