White Student Texted N-Word To Future Black Roommate And Blamed It On Autocorrect

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White Student Texted N-Word To Future Black Roommate And Blamed It On Autocorrect

People are wondering how the word was put in her phone to begin with.

Published July 22, 2018

In today’s sounds about white news, a white girl texted her black future roommate the n-word and things went off the rail quickly.

A screenshot emerged of the racist text message sent by Courtney Schaefer, a student at Georgia Southern University to her black roommate where she says, “Her insta looks pretty normal, not too n*****ish.”

Here’s the convo…

Her explanation is almost as insulting as the racial slur she used. “I meant to say triggerish, meaning like, you seemed really cool nothing that triggered a red flag! I'm so embarrassed I apologize,” the follow-up text reads.

Yeah, “triggerish,” which not only doesn’t fit in the sentence but isn’t even a word. It’s a sentiment that Dajah Morrison, a friend of the victim, shares. “Triggerish is not a word at all. The closest word to that is triggerfish. So for her to cover those things up, it just didn't add up,' Morrison told WSAV

Schaefer has since deleted her social media accounts and GSU interim president Shelley Nickel released a statement.

“The University shares the hurt our community has expressed following the use of a racial slur exhibited in a screenshot shared on social media,” she wrote. “The use of such racist comments is offensive and unacceptable and in no way reflects the attitudes or values of Georgia Southern University. To be clear, there is no place for bigotry or racism on our campuses.”

It isn’t clear whether Becky, uh, Courtney will face disciplinary action.

Written by Paul Meara

Photo: Robert Alexander/Getty Images


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