Wife Chops Of ‘Cheating’ Husband’s Penis After Beating Him To Death With A Frying Pan

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Wife Chops Of ‘Cheating’ Husband’s Penis After Beating Him To Death With A Frying Pan

Udeme Otike-Odibi is also accused of stabbing her husband until his intestines came out.

PUBLISHED ON : FEBRUARY 4, 2019 / 03:38 PM

A 47-year-old Nigerian woman was arrested for murdering her husband and using a knife to cut off his penis after discovering that he was having an affair.

According to Metro UK, Udeme Otike-Odibi is accused of murdering her husband Sym, 50, by beating him with a frying pan, stabbing him in the stomach, and cutting off his penis.

Prosecutors say the suspect allegedly told his corpse he was “better off without” his penis

Otike-Odibi, was charged with murder as well as mutilation.

During the arraignment, homicide police chief Olusegun Bamidele told the court Otike-Odibi “stated that the deceased was having extra-marital affairs and whenever she raised the issue with him, his responses were not satisfactory.”

“She said that on May 2, 2018, she was preparing to travel to the United Kingdom when she checked the bedside locker for her marriage certificate. When she could not find it, she went to the deceased where he lay on the bed and asked him about it. But the response given was not okay,” he continued telling the court.

The police chief said that after a “hot exchange” between Otike-Odibi and her husband, she went to the kitchen and retrieved a frying pan and knife.

“When she returned to where the deceased lay, she hit him on the head with the frying pan and said ‘Tell me, what is in your mind that you are withholding?’”

Otike-Odibi allegedly made her husband call his mother and confess his infidelities before she hit him in the head with the pan, the police chief said. She then repeatedly stabbed the victim in the stomach and watched his intestines fall out of his body.

She told then allegedly told him, “If your penis is the one that is giving you licence to have the feeling of another person, it’s better we cut it off.”

“She proceeded to do so with the same knife she used in stabbing him and hanged a piece of the penis in his right hand,” the chief said.

Otike-Odibi later sent a WhastApp message to a friend saying: “I have done something terrible.”

While searching Otike-Odibi's home, police discovered a frying pan, knife, pen and her British and Nigerian passports.

Otike-Odibi denied all the charges against her and will face trial in late February.

Written by BET Staff

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