Outrage After Viral Video Shows White Man Call A Black Man 'Monkey' At California Sushi Restaurant

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Outrage After Viral Video Shows White Man Call A Black Man 'Monkey' At California Sushi Restaurant

Witnesses say the disturbing incident took place on Mother's Day.

Published May 14th

Viral video recorded in a California sushi restaurant shows a fight break out after a white man yells racial insults and calls a Black man a “monkey.”

During the incident, which occurred on Mother’s Day, the unidentified white man is told there will be a wait for him and the woman he’s with to be seated at Aburi Premium AYCE Sushi restaurant in Long Beach.

According to a post on Twitter, the hostess told the man that there was a digital waitlist that will text him when the table is ready. However, the man did not appear to be familiar with this system and questioned why he’d have to wait if there was no one else waiting and there were empty tables.

In the video, the man demands to be seated and yells at the hostess, “f**king look over there b***h!”

Another man can then be heard telling the man to “get the f**k out!”  

The man then goes on an expletive-filled racist tirade against several Black and Hispanic customers in the restaurant.

He then makes monkey gestures towards a Black man and calls him “monkey man.”

  1. At this point, several other people in the restaurant get out of their seats and prepare to fight the man. The video ends with the white man lunging at one customer, prompting a Black woman to throw several punches at him.

    Customers are heard cheering the woman on as a couple of men hold her back.

    According to the Twitter post, the police were called and the man was charged with four citations while the Black woman received one citation.

    Video of the incident was posted to Twitter, where people voiced their outrage that racist incidents like this still occur.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: M-Photography/Getty Images)


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