Baltimore Mayor Asks People To Stop Shootings During Coronavirus Outbreak

Mayor Jack Young attends the RFP award announcement for the Harlem and Edmondson redevelopment on April 30, 2019 in Baltimore, Md. Young assumed the position when Catherine Pugh stepped down Thursday. (Barbara Haddock Taylor/Baltimore Sun/TNS)

Baltimore Mayor Asks People To Stop Shootings During Coronavirus Outbreak

It's an effort to have enough hospital beds for those affected by the disease.

PUBLISHED ON : MARCH 19, 2020 / 03:21 PM

Written by Paula Meara

After a mass shooting in a local Baltimore park on Tuesday, March 17 that left seven people hospitalized, Mayor Jack Young issued a statement pleading with his city’s residents to stop shooting at one another and look at the bigger picture at hand.  Shooting victims are taking up spots on hospital beds that could instead be used for those who are sick with the coronavirus disease. 

In his statement, Young claims hospitals don’t have room to tolerate gunshot wound victims while the deadly COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread.

"We cannot clog up our hospitals and their beds with people that are being shot senselessly, because we’re going to need those beds for people who might be infected with the coronavirus," Young said on Wednesday, according to the Washington Examiner. "And it could be your mother, your grandmother, or one of your relatives. So take that into consideration.”

He added, "I want to reiterate how completely unacceptable the level of violence is that we have seen recently. We will not stand for mass shootings and an increase in crime.”

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Young says the city will actively be looking to arrest those responsible for any shootings taking place and issued a stern warning. "For those of you who want to continue to shoot and kill people of this city, we’re not going to tolerate it. We’re going to come after you, and we’re going to get you,” he said.

Since last Friday, there has been an increase in violence, according to Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison. The mass shooting that took place on Tuesday night left all seven victims in serious, but stable, condition. A responding officer was also shot during the incident. The gunman is still at large.

As of Wednesday, Baltimore has five confirmed cases of the coronavirus. WBAL-TV reports that Maryland has confirmed 85 cases statewide. Young has since declared a citywide state of emergency and urged people to remain inside their homes.

Photo by Barbara Haddock Taylor/Baltimore Sun/Tribune News Service via Getty Images


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