BLM Protestors Assaulted By Pro-Police Demonstrators At Colorado Rally

BLM Protestors Assaulted By Pro-Police Demonstrators At Colorado Rally

A video captured the beating.

PUBLISHED ON : AUGUST 9, 2020 / 08:26 PM

Written by Nigel Roberts

Video footage at a “Back the Blue” rally in Fort Collins, Colo. on Saturday (August 8) showed pro-police demonstrators beating up a smaller group of counter-protesters that included Black Lives Matter activists.

Three people were arrested and another person was cited in the violence, according to The Denver Post

The rally began outside the Fort Collins Police Department around 3 p.m. A livestream of the confrontation shows the pro-police group walking toward the counter-protesters a few blocks away from the rally.

According to The Collegian, some of the counter-protesters came to the pro-police gathering after a BLM rally earlier that day at Colorado State University. There were other counter-protesters at the Fort Collins rally wearing all black whose affiliation was unclear.

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The assault happened in a grassy drainage ditch between houses.

An apparent eyewitness posted this message with a video on Instagram: “I was at the Pro Police FCPD rally today. Counter protestors were violently beaten and had no signs of aggression or hostility. Pro Police protestors forced them to the end of the block and then savagely assaulted them. Afterwards the COUNTER PROTESTORS WERE DETAINED. The officers did not tell them why they were being detained. The pro police protestors who literally assaulted these people for no fu**ing reason other than being PSYCHOPATHS got away with it. I am so sick and tired of this.”

The police arrived at the scene after most of the violence was finished. Detective Erin Feit told the Post that those arrested and cited were from both groups. An investigation is ongoing.

Photo by @ciarawilsonn via Instagram


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