Former Associate Dishes Dirt on Nelly

Former Associate Dishes Dirt on Nelly

Where's the loyalty in the game?

Published May 31, 2011


The holiday weekend brought out a few revelations in the music world. And, one of them that caught my eye was a semi-epic battle between rapper-turned-model/fashion designer Nelly and Loose Cannon Entertainment’s club promoter Slim (St. Louis. Is. Mine.).

If you didn’t know, Slim made some startling accusations on Twitter late Thursday night directed at Nelly suggesting a betrayal of some kind initiated by multiplatinum selling artist. According to the sharp twit attacks, Slim alleged that Nelly is a cocaine-addicted, steroids user with serious financial problems.

Slim also suggested that a lot of Nelly’s money was blown on ex-girlfriend Ashanti—and we all know those two are off-again/on-again, off-again.

Here’s a few of the attacks made by Slim:

Ok @Nelly_Mo u jus gonna keep playin w/ fire huh??..Remember u did this to yo self!! LETZ GET IT!

@Nelly_Mo bet it wasnt yo money! U can barely keep yo studio functionin thats why @carlnappa quit,n yo stu was shutdown 4 months! #FACTS

@Nelly_Mo #FACTS yo house 14 dollars away from #FORECLOSURE that's why u really the 1 movin 2 "ATL" #quitfrontin

@Nelly_Mo #thingsbrokepplsay "man I dnt need this big house nomo all da kids grown away..I'm jus gonna get a condo" #niggaufelloff

@Nelly_Mo #FACTS since u talkn bout I owe u how many times in the middle of night u call me to borrow money while u was on boat and couldn't pay yo marker???...u kno I got emails to prove it!!!

@Nelly_Mo #FACTS yo ungrateful azz I kept u workn n*igga!! I got 5K if u can find 10 flyers in one calender year since 2006 that didn't say "Loosecannon presents" for this #hatinazznigga

@Nelly_Mo #FACTS yo kno yo career over on Grammy Night 2010 I had this nicca playn bball for pennies in like idaho or sumn #GOOGLETHAT

@Nelly_Mo u wants some mo?? Nigga I got 10 yrs worth of shit to expose yo corny azz...u picked the wrong one!!

@Nelly_Mo #FACTS and I hope my son got AIDS if I was lying on anyone of dem tweets!! (Except for the 14 dollars I dont kno exact amount lol)

@Nelly_Mo and at the end of the day u still my brotha..but the #PILLS and #gambling turned u into a #!@%*#ed up nigga..but u been gettn away w/ #!@%*# too #!@%*#n up a lot of ppl lives thats close to u..wake up nigga!

OK so the nature of their relationship is unknown to me, but the way Slim went in on Nelly, clearly there’s an intimate history. And as entertaining as it always is for rappers/entertainers to get exposed, I can’t help but wonder where the loyalty has gone.

Loyalty is defined as the state or quality of being loyal; faithfulness to commitments or obligations. But it seems the word doesn’t go far these days on either side.

Entertainers are the most susceptible victims of being exposed to the world by close friends. Throughout musical history we’ve seen disloyalty damage the careers of Micheal Jackson, Remy Martin, Young Buck and more. We’ve also witnessed several big musical acts have their “Johnson” posted all over the web by disloyal jumpoffs seeking to gain their time in the spotlight.

As entertaining as all of it is, the underlying disloyal factor is quite disturbing. Take the case above. While nobody knows what really sparked Slim’s rant to rap star Nelly, clearly there’s a gripe from Slim’s side that is very personal. However, some are arguing the disloyal factor far outweighs the salaciousness of Slim’s deets on Nelly’s personal life. In cases like this, I have to question everyone's loyalty in this situation to take their personal beef with one another and display it on such a public forum, especially over such explosive allegations like steroids and cocaine. Is Nelly to blame for this situation? Perhaps. However can we all look at Slim’s act and give it a pass?

While the allegations are not a surprise to me, the way in which it was put out there is a tad bit troublesome. Don’t cha think?

Betraying your people in a fit of anger is often times a horrid mistake you can only make once per relationship. And it seems Nelly is experiencing that right now.

Sidebar: Is anyone surprised at the rumors that Nelly is going broke? I know I’m not.

Written by Gyant


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