The DNC Is Selling T-Shirts Accusing Mitt Romney of Being a Flip-Flopper

The DNC Is Selling T-Shirts Accusing Mitt Romney of Being a Flip-Flopper

The DNC is selling t-shirts that show how Mitt Romney has flip-flopped on various issues. It is the first in a series on GOP presidential candidates who have changed side on key policy matters.

Published June 1, 2011

Raising a billion dollars to fund a presidential campaign requires a lot of creativity and thinking outside the box. Lately, the Democratic National Committee has come up with some innovative ways to make a quick buck. First, there were the t-shirts featuring President Obama sporting a cheeky grin, a copy of his long-form birth certificate and the words “Made in America.”


This week the must-have item on the DNC’s retail shelf is a limited edition “Two Sides of Mitt Romney” t-shirt.  The former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is set to officially enter the Republican presidential nominating race on Thursday and will make his big announcement in New Hampshire, a critical primary state. The front of the shirt features one set of positions Romney has taken on a variety of issues, including healthcare reform, gay rights and immigration reform.


“What’s more in fashion these days than GOP presidential primary flip-flops?” said Holly Shulman, communications director for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. “Previously you may have had trouble keeping up with Romney’s flip-flops on almost every key issue, but this t-shirt makes it easy to keep track.”


As a candidate, Romney may not appreciate the product, but as a successful businessman, he’s got to appreciate the irony. The DNC plans to sell t-shirts featuring other GOP presidential candidates who’ve changed sides on key issues.



Written by Joyce Jones


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