Sheila Jackson Lee Is Being Sued By a Former Congressional Aide

Sheila Jackson Lee Is Being Sued By a Former Congressional Aide

Mona Floyd says that Rep. Jackson Lee humiliated her and broke a pledge to accommodate her visual impairment.

Published July 13, 2011

A former aide to Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) has filed a lawsuit alleging that congresswoman treated her in a humiliating manner and refused to accommodate her visual impairment, Fox News reports. Mona Floyd, who suffers from a condition called “monocular vision,” which causes eye fatigue and reduces her reading speed as the day wears on, says in her lawsuit that Jackson Lee at one point said to her, “I don’t care anything about your disability.”


The lawsuit was filed last month in a District of Columbia federal court and seeks “back and front pay” and punitive damages. Floyd says that the way Jackson Lee treated her was “unlawful discrimination” and led her to resign her position as legislative director and chief counsel last fall. In addition, she claims that when she joined Jackson Lee’s staff last February, the lawmaker didn’t honor a pledge to accommodate her disability. To the contrary, Floyd says, Jackson Lee overburdened her with reading assignments, frequently forced her to work 16-hour days, and when she asked for time to rest her eyes, was told, “It should not take years” to complete the reading, Fox News reports.


“The office of U.S. Rep. Jackson Lee considers internal personnel matters confidential and will not comment publicly on the allegations at this time except to say that the office fully embraces and fully practices equal employment opportunities for all,” said the lawmaker’s chief of staff. 


Jackson Lee reportedly has a reputation as being a very demanding boss. Earlier this year, the Daily Caller published a report in which former aides described her as a “boss from hell.”

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Written by Joyce Jones


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