Former Ohio State Quarterback Terrelle Pryor Apologizes for Actions

Former Ohio State Quarterback Terrelle Pryor Apologizes for Actions

Disgraced quarterback Terrelle Pryor holds first press conference since the OSU controversy boiled over.

Published June 14, 2011

It didn’t take long for the Drew Rosenhaus weirdness to take control of Terrelle Pryor’s damaged image.


Just one day after Pryor hired the controversial agent to lead his hopeful professional football car, the disgraced Ohio State star quarterback held a press conference. Pryor, who is at the center of a NCAA investigation that led to forced resignation of head coach Jim Tressel on Memorial Day and is likely to land the Buckeyes on probation for major violations, spoke for the first time since the controversy heated up this Spring on Tuesday.


His press conference in Miami Beach, Florida, didn’t last long – less than a minute in fact – and he didn’t answer questions. But Pryor did something that was unexpected and perhaps premature. He apologized for his actions, which only includes trading memorabilia for tattoos, so far. But there are accusations he accepted money and have been given use of expensive cars while playing for Ohio State.


Those accusations led to Tressel’s resignation and Pryor’s decision last week to leave school early and apply entry into the NFL via the supplemental draft.


"I say sorry to all the Buckeye nation and all the Buckeye fans across the country," Pryor said in an Associated Press story released late Tuesday afternoon. "I never meant to hurt anybody directly or indirectly with my conduct off the field and I am truly sorry."


Pryor went on to apologize Tressel, who was highly popular and extremely successful during his tenure at Ohio State. Tressel’s coaching career seems all but ruined due signs of total lack of institutional control and not being forthcoming about the actions of Pryor and other team members.


"In terms of coach Jim Tressel, a special shoutout," Pryor said. "I'm sorry for what all went down and I apologize with all my heart. I love you just like a father. You taught me a lot and I apologize for putting you in a situation and taking you out of a job and place that you loved to be. I regret the fact that you're not there anymore and I regret the fact that I'm not there anymore."


Pryor came to Ohio State a few years as a highly touted dual-threat quarterback who would likely deliver the Buckeyes another BCS national title. Instead his actions likely mean the Buckeyes will miss bowl games, lose the use of scholarships and generally take a step back as an elite program for the next few years.


In the meantime, Pryor is preparing to move on. He is gearing up to be drafted in a special NFL supplemental draft that will likely be held next month. It’s still uncertain how high he will go or if the character issues will hurt him with NFL teams.


But Rosenhaus, who has tried many of the NFL owners patience with his unscrupulous tactics over the years, did his best to pump up his newest client.


“I'm very confident that this drive, this character, this makeup—along with his incredible physical ability—he's one of the most gifted quarterbacks that the NFL has seen,” Rosenhaus said to reporters. “For anybody who questions where he's going to be drafted, I expect him to be a first-round pick in the supplemental draft.


“He is going to be a great NFL quarterback,” Rosenhaus continued.  “With all the teams that need QBs, you can't tell me that people are not going to jump on this young man. And let me tell you what: everyday I'm going to put him in a position where he's going to meet with teams. He's not going to make any excuses. He's going to tell the teams that he made some mistakes out of maturity, but he has a good heart.”


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Written by Terrance Harris


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