Stern’s Deadline Comes and Goes Without Any Announcement

Stern’s Deadline Comes and Goes Without Any Announcement

NBA players and owners are still trying to come to terms on a new collective bargaining agreement.

Published November 9, 2011

The NBA-mandated 5 p.m. deadline passed Wednesday and there was still no deal done to end the 132-day old lockout.

But that isn’t much a surprise because the owners and commissioner David Stern were locked in a last-ditch negotiating session with the NBA players union that could end the four-month stalemate. The two sides started talking at 1 p.m. EST in New York and the meeting ran well past the 5 p.m. deadline Stern had set for the players to accept his proposal of a revenue split that would give them between 49 and 51 percent of the basketball-related income (BRI). If the players didn’t accept, which they have adamantly said they would not, then the next offer from the owners side would be much worse.

Now that the deadline has passed, everyone is in wait-and-see mode. Stay tuned for what’s next.

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