[Look] Here's the Derek Fisher Mother's Day IG Post to Gloria Govan That Has Fans Saying Matt Barnes Should Be Heated

Derek Fisher, Gloria Govan, Matt Barnes

[Look] Here's the Derek Fisher Mother's Day IG Post to Gloria Govan That Has Fans Saying Matt Barnes Should Be Heated

Do you think it was out of line?

Published May 9, 2016

Is Derek Fisher trolling Matt Barnes out here?

Fish better be careful... or he could be on the receiving end of another notorious beat down.

At least that's what fans are imploring Barnes to do after Fisher took to his Instagram account Sunday and posted a shot of Gloria Govan with Barnes's sons, wishing her a happy Mother's Day. The post came hours after Barnes wished Govan a happy Mother's Day, regardless of their differences.

Of course, Govan is Barnes's ex and Fisher's current girlfriend, believed to be at the center of the reason that Matt first put hands on Derek during an infamous October 2015 incident.

Hope you enjoyed a nice relaxing day today! You deserve it! Happy Mother's Day @glogovan

A photo posted by Derek Fisher (@dereklfisher) on

Fisher's IG post came hours after Barnes posted this:

Having seen Fisher's post, Barnes's fans gave the Memphis Grizzlies forward the green light to attack his former friend and teammate for the second time.

"He doesn't respek your name!!!" one of Barnes's IG followers wrote. 

Another added: "You should slap the s*** out of @dereklfisher now."

And the most-entertaining comment: "Drive 90 miles just to whoop his a**."

Yet, Barnes didn't cave into the urge and fans egging him on. Instead, the NBA's resident wild man actually exercised some chill.

When one of his followers commented that it's messed up that Gloria is enjoying Mother's Day with Derek, Barnes responded: "The point is to have a great day..It is what it is..I'm over it, did what I had to do & kept it moving..But happy Mother's Day to you!"

Real tears at him saying, "I did what I had to do."

Still, though, Matt... you giving Fish those beats for the second time or nah?

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