Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade's Sons Filmed This Sports Show and It's Hilariously Adorable

Zion Wade, Chris Paul II

Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade's Sons Filmed This Sports Show and It's Hilariously Adorable

Chris Paul II and Zion Wade are too cute.

Published June 8, 2017

Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade each suffered first-round NBA playoff eliminations, but their sons are managing to win the internet in the midst of the Finals.

That's because, Chris Paul II and Zion Wade recently shot a sports show promo for SAP Sports, which aims to make NBA stats so simple that even kids can understand, and it's hilariously adorable!

The entertaining spot has Zion, 10, and CP2, 8, hosting a segment called "The Simple Report," in which they immediately put their personalities on a fast break from the opening tip.

"I love stats so much, I wear a stat hat," Zion says in the clip.

"I love stats so much, I named my cat Stat," Chris adds.

The two then test each other's love for stats by bouncing questions about certain NBA players off of each other.

After getting a glimpse of this clip, it's unanimous that these two young kings are just "too cute." And people are here for their show and more of them.

  1. Peep How Zion and CP2 Hilariously break it all down

    We love it ... and the internet did, too.

  2. People Instantly fell in love with these two


  3. D. Wade flexed being a dad after seeing it

    "Proud dad moment," indeed.

  4. And His Wife, Gabrielle Union, cheered on the lil men

    Plenty of her followers, like Holly Robinson Peete, let Gabby know how much they loved the spot, too.

  5. Yes, that's the same lil' Chris who did the infamous 'Blake Face'

    Cute then and possibly even cuter now.

  6. Zion and Chris Paul II actually shot this promo last week

    May they always assist each other as friends.

  7. The show promo went over so well that D. Wade asked CP3 if they want to start a show

    CP3 wasn't hearing it, though. Too funny.

  8. This fan's suggestion is Internet Gold

    Just imagine! A job well done, Zion and Chris.

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Sap Sports)


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