People Are Dragging LaVar Ball for Saying He'd Make Michael Jordan Cry in a 1-on-1

LaVar Ball, Michael Jordan

People Are Dragging LaVar Ball for Saying He'd Make Michael Jordan Cry in a 1-on-1


Published June 13, 2017

LaVar Ball already had people shaking their heads over him saying that he would have defeated Michael Jordan 1-on-1 back in the day.

Well, not only did the controversial hoops dad double down on that boast, but he added that he'd make the GOAT cry if they ever hit the court together.

And what's crazier is his son Lonzo, who is projected to be a top-three selection in the NBA Draft on June 22, believes he, too, could take MJ.

Like father, like son, we guess. LaVar and Lonzo said this while appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday night.

"He too small, he too little," LaVar told Kimmel about Jordan. "If you weighing 210 pounds, we playing 1-on-1 — you know I'm undefeated 1-on-1? I don't lose 1-on-1. If he played me 1-on-1 he'd cry."

Bruh! Is he talking about the same Michael Jordan who led his team to victory in the NBA Finals while having the flu? Come on, bruh.

When 19-year-old Lonzo was asked if he could defeat a 54-year-old MJ today, he said, "Right now? Yes."

Good lord. That's all that Twitter needed to go in and roast them ... well, mostly LaVar, with these reactions.

  1. LaVar Really Said It with a straight face, too

    That's just blasphemous.

  2. Perhaps LaVar has seen too much of the MJ Crying meme on Twitter

    This could explain him saying that.

  3. Someone begged for an MJ Crying Meme OVer lavar's face, but it has already been done

    And this is a more accurate depiction for how their 1-on-1 would end up, anyway.

  4. People Were Laughing so hard that they were crying too

    Real tears over here over his latest outlandish statement as well.

  5. In fact, Twitter laughed at Mr. Ball like ...

    LaVar ... what is you doing, baby?

  6. And if they weren't dying laughing, people were begging him to just stop

    Pump the brakes on these far-fetched guarantees, will you?

  7. At the end of the day, MJ's probably like ...

    We can't blame you, Mike.

Written by BET Staff

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