People Are Blasting ESPN For Trying To Silence Jemele Hill After She Called Trump A 'White Supremacist'

Jemele Hill

People Are Blasting ESPN For Trying To Silence Jemele Hill After She Called Trump A 'White Supremacist'

And she's getting support from Colin Kaepernick.

Published September 13, 2017

ESPN is getting thoroughly dragged after condemning and distancing itself from its own employee, SportsCenter co-host Jemele Hill, after she blasted President Trump and labeled him a "white supremacist" in a series of tweets earlier this week.

Colin Kaepernick knows was it's like to be silenced after his 2016 season-long kneeling during the national anthem as a protest against racism and police brutality of unarmed Black men. So, last night, the woke free-agent QB took to his Twitter to offer his support to Jemele.

Here's Jemele's tweets taking aim at the Celebrity-in-Chief, ESPN's official statement and people, including Kaep, coming to her defense. Not on our watch, ESPN.

  1. Jemele Hill, who co-hosts 'ESPN SportsCenter at 6 p.m., took to her Twitter account Monday and thoroughly slammed Trump

    Talk to 'em!

  2. Her thoughts didn't go over too well with the suits at ESPN, who issued the following statement:

    What exactly did Jemele say that wasn't true? We mean, Trump didn't denounce the KKK's support during his presidential campaign and let's not forget his infamous "both sides" to blame reaction following the terrorist attack from white supremacists in Charlottesville.

  3. Upon seeing ESPN trying to silence Hill, people were livid, letting the Worldwide Leader In Sports have it

    ESPN, you're gonna learn today.

  4. And for the record, Charlamagne Tha God just wants to know...

    For real! Is Trump not the most divisive president in history already?

  5. Kaepernick wants jemele to know that she has his support

    What would be dope is if Jemele interviewed Kaep.

  6. And there's a lot more support for Jemele and outrage aimed at ESPN where that came from


  7. Of course, Jemele's Tweets And ESPN's Statement Gave Fox Sports' Jason Whitlock the fuel to fire away

    Stop it, bruh.

  8. but people weren't having that either

    This isn't the first time, and probably won't be the last, that Jason Whitlock manages to irk people.

  9. And just like people are calling for a boycott of the NFL on behalf of Kaepernick, people are calling for a boycott of ESPN for its treatment of Hill

    ESPN did this to itself.

Written by BET Staff

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