Kevin Durant Admits To Having Secret IG Account And 'Childish' Tweets, But People Aren't Done Dragging Him Yet

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant Admits To Having Secret IG Account And 'Childish' Tweets, But People Aren't Done Dragging Him Yet

"It was tough to deal with yesterday."

Published September 19, 2017

In case you missed it, Kevin Durant was dragged to hell and back yesterday after getting caught using secret social media accounts. The NBA Finals MVP seemingly forgot to switch to one of those accounts while criticizing his former Oklahoma City Thunder teamRedditas spotted by SB Nation, later revealed that the Golden State Warriors' All-Star forward also has a private Instagram account. KD used those accounts to not only communicate more freely with friends, but to clap back at his haters and trolls anonymously.

Those revelations put Durant in the crosshairs of no-chill roasting, including that from some of his NBA peers. Well, today, while on stage at TechCrunch's Disrupt SF 2017 event, Durant admitted to having a secret IG account, while owning up to his Twitter criticisms of the Thunder, calling them "childish" and "idiotic."

He also admitted to having a "tough" Monday, dealing with all the slander he received, and added that he wants to "move on."

If only Twitter would let him. Even after his admission of sorts, KD continues to get dragged for using secret social media accounts. Check out all these no-chill reactions.

  1. Here's Kevin Durant Addressing his secret Twitter and IG drama earlier today

    Even while sort of fessing up to it, KD had to know he was gonna get this work.

  2. People immediately jumped on him, loving that he got busted

    And the slander was just beginning.

  3. The internet had zero chill in awarding him this 'new sponsorship'

    No chill, whatsoever.

  4. People Imagined Russell Westbrook, LeBron, and Kobe reacting to his admission like ...


  5. Despite KD owning up to it, others still don't believe a word he says, while continuing to call him a snake


  6. Is this only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to KD's secrets?

    What in the world is going on?

  7. Sorry, Kevin, but It doesn't look like the dragging is going to stop anytime soon

    Good grief.

  8. And then there was this food for thought ...

    Hmm ... what if this did open the floodgates for more players to get aired out?

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