People Are Blasting A USA Today Columnist For Calling LaVar Ball The 'Worst Sports Parent Ever'

LaVar Ball

People Are Blasting A USA Today Columnist For Calling LaVar Ball The 'Worst Sports Parent Ever'

"Congratulations, you played yourself."

Published October 4, 2017

LaVar Ball announcing that he's pulling his 16-year-old son, LaMelo, out of Chino Hills High School (Chino Hills, California), so that he could home school and coach him during his junior and senior years sparked national headlines with people debating whether it's the right move.

The controversial decision combined with his over-the-top boasts were enough of pushing points for USA TODAY Sports columnist Nancy Armour to label LaVar "the worst sports parent ever."

In her column yesterday, Armour blasted Mr. Ball, saying, "these are children he’s raising, not commodities, and the ramifications are huge when a parent forgets there’s a difference."

She also argued: "Whether he and his son recognize it, pulling him out of school robs LaMelo of an important piece of his adolescence. LaMelo told ESPN that leaving school won’t matter because he’ll see his buddies when they come to his house to train. But you don’t spend your life surrounded by your buddies, and school is when you start learning how to navigate relationships with those who aren’t."

Wow. Well, people aren't taking too kind to Armour calling LaVar the "worst sports parent ever," and they're letting her and USA TODAY know just that, blasting them with these heated reactions.

  1. Here's How USA TODAY Sports and Nancy Armour tweeted her Column Declaring LaVar Ball 'The Worst Sports Parent Ever'

    Wow. What a statement to make.

  2. People Read The Column and instantly blasted Armour on her gall to criticize LaVar's parenting when he has three sons doing very well for themselves

    #Facts. Lonzo Ball, 19, was drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers as the second overall pick of the 2017 NBA Draft. LiAngelo, 18, is set to star at UCLA and LaMelo, 16, seems to be on the same basketball path as his brothers. Plus, LaVar has turned his family's name into a brand of its own, with their own sneakers and their Ball in the Family reality show on Facebook. 

  3. And people went in on the optics here

    She did this to herself.

  4. Others brought up Bryce Harper, one of Major League Baseball's best sluggers, who was also home schooled

    Well, Ms. Armour?

  5. Yes, Mr. Ball can rub some the wrong way with his over-the-top boasts, but to call him 'the worst sports parent ever' when he's so invested in his kids is just wrong and people blasted USA TOday and Nancy Armour over it

    LaVar Ball is so invested as a dad to his three sons. How in the world can she come to this conclusion?

  6. At the end of the day, people want Ms. Armour to know how brutally wrong she is

    Your thoughts?

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