Former US Gymnast Mattie Larson Straight Up Told Larry Nassar 'I F*****g Hate You' In Court Today, Years After She Quit The Sport

Mattie Larson, Larry Nassar

Former US Gymnast Mattie Larson Straight Up Told Larry Nassar 'I F*****g Hate You' In Court Today, Years After She Quit The Sport

She told the disgraceful former USA Gymnastics doctor how he turned the sport she loved into a "personal living hell."

Published January 23, 2018

The past few days in a Michigan court has seen many of Larry Nassar's sexual abuse victims and survivors giving powerful statements right to the disgraced former USA Gymnastics doctor's face.

Mattie Larson's statement today was as powerful as any of them. And the former U.S. gymnast didn't hold back at all, telling the pedophile doctor at one point: “I can’t even put into words how much I f*****g hate you," as reported by the New York Post.

Larson, now 25, revealed that Nassar began sexually abusing her when she was only 14 after a painful hip injury caused her to miss her first national championships.

“My injury was very close to my pelvic bone, so when Larry put his fingers in my vagina for the first time, I thought it was some internal treatment,” she said in court, as reported by the New York Post. “That was the only injury I ever had that was remotely close to my genital region … no matter what Larry was treating me for over the years, his fingers always seemed to find his way inside me, never using gloves.”

Larson looked over at Nassar before adding: “Your priority should have been my health, yet your priority was solely to molest me."

Larson said the painful experience overwhelmed her to the point that she stepped away from gymnastics in 2010 after trying to give herself a concussion by purposely falling on the bathroom floor just to avoid training and falling victim to Nassar's molestation again, as reported by the Daily Mail.

She also revealed that Nassar's sexual abuse triggered a "very intense and destructive eating disorder" — something she battled for "six years."

You can watch her courageous statement below.


Over a 100 girls and women will have given their statements in court about Nassar's sexual abuse as part of his sentencing.

Last November, Nassar was already sentenced to 60 years in prison via separate child pornography charges. That's essentially a life sentence for the disgusting 54-year-old. He could get slapped with an additional 40 to 125 years in prison for his history of sexual abuse by the end of this current sentencing, with the Associated Press saying that maximum amount represents a year for each of the at-least 125 girls and women who alleged that he sexually assaulted them. 

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